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ASIS Navy RIB Boats on their way to ASIA

ASIS Boats has just shipped the first batch of 10M Navy RIBs to East Asia.

With this supply ASIS continues to prove the reliability, longevity and robustness of its products; as this MOD contract falls under a third governmental institution in the same country, where ASIS repeatedly supplied to 2 different departments under the MOI.

The supplied GRP RIBs feature our unique Air Hull®, enabling the boat to make high speed tactical turns and withstand the roughest sea conditions.

Customizing the RIB as per their needs, these Navy Boats are fitted with a replaceable flat foam push bow, allowing the boarding, and coming alongside other vessel to be done safely and easily. Triple fenders are fitted all around the hypalon tube of dark grey color for extra protection.

These Navy Boats are certified to carry 15 passengers offshore and fitted with 12 seats, where pilot and co-pilot are seated on ullman biscaya suspension seats adjustable on a rail track system and removable along with the officers’ seats.

Navy RIB Boats

A stainless steel black powder coated engine guard rail is installed to protect the twin mercury outboards.

These Navy Boats are equipped with a weapon mount at the bow, while at the aft the stainless steel A-Frame holds the radar dome, loud haler, lights and antenna for the electronic equipment: Furuno HF GMDSS Compliant Radio telephone with DSC, ICOM IC-M604A VHF Marine Transceiver with Cx4-3 Antenna, UHF Fire fighter radio ATEX and etc.

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Demand Of Coast Guard RIB Boats On The Rise

The new world post-pandemic seems to be pushing countries to protect their borders more than ever. Countries with borders by the water are being very vigilant, increasing their investments in military boats and increasing the number of coast guard, navy, and patrol boats in their waters.

Coast Guard RIB Boats

ASIS being the go-to maritime solution provider for various military operations of Coast Guard, Navy, Specials Ops and Anti-piracy across the world, we work hand in hand with your agency to build-to-order the ASIS Rigid Inflatable Boat for your missions. Our RIB Boats are specifically engineered for high speed vessel interdiction and manufactured to provide maximum mission range and crew comfort.

Our Coast Guard RIB Boats are easy to manoeuvre in all sea conditions thanks to the unique reverse chine hull of our boat. These Coast Guard RIBs can be versatile and if desired configured to be used for patrolling and law enforcement. You can rely on our military RIBs for protecting your borders and offshore work platforms.

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Why Professionals are going Amphibious?

The need for the 4×4 OCM AMP boat is very high from the various military and professional mariners for their missions; from flood rescue and other rescue missions to anti-piracy and transport and tour to name a few.

The OCM 9.8m Pro AMP boat in these pictures was custom-built for coast guard operations. It is very powerful and can reach high speeds with its twin mercury engine of 350Hp each. The Mil/Pro OCM AMP is a great addition to your existing fleet allowing your personnel to take action faster and more effectively.

Military Professional Amphibious RIB Boat

Amphibious RIB Boat Amphibious Boat

Amphibious Rescue RIB Boat Boat with wheels

Each amphibious RIB boat is powered by OCM?s advanced BAS 80-4 Amphibious system, comprised of 4 independently motorized and steerable wheels that offer high stability on land and retract completely in the water for exceptional overland and on-water performance. The high demand for the use of the 4×4 amphibious boat in Mil/Pro missions is thanks to its multiple advantages for such operations.

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ASIS’ Newest Cabin Boat

ASIS Boats is very excited about ASIS’s latest Cabin boat model. Final testing went through last week and the boat is officially launched.

Cabin Boat 12 meter

Cabin Boat 12 meter Seating inside the Cabin Boat

Toilet inside the cabin boat Cabin Boat 12 meter

This cabin boat 12 meter is a terrific platform that can support many different agencies. It can be used for a wide range of mission profiles: patrols, response, port security, law enforcement, anti-piracy and search and rescue.

The ASIS Cabin 12m boat proved to have exceptional seakeeping capabilities in the near shore and off-shore environments thanks to the superior hydrodynamic concave reverse-chine designed hull. Equipped with 3x350HP Yamaha outboard engines, this boat has abundant power with exceptional acceleration and a top speed exceeding 60mph.

Very spacious and comfortable, the air-conditioned cabin, utilizes a hybrid construction of both aluminum & fiberglass to achieve excellent strength and rigidity while simultaneously reducing overall weight. The interior boasts a generous full size forward berthing area for crew-resting for 2 people, with a sliding door, walk through access to the forward deck and the optional foredeck-mounted crew serve weapons station. It is also equipped with an enclosed toilet, a sink and a shower.

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