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Coast Guard Boat

The Coast Guard of any country keeps a fleet of Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIB Boats) generally varying in size from 4m to 10 m in length at a number of its stations to assist in patrolling, transport, rescue and assistance to shore units.

Main Functions of a Coast Guard semi-rigid boat

Patrol Boat or Law Enforcement boat
-To provide a fast search response along the coastline where a land-based search would be difficult or time consuming.

Transport boat
- To transport equipment and personnel to the site of a shoreline incident as fast as possible.

Rescue boat
- To provide a rescue facility. They are requested in this role in the interests of saving life. Rescue is consequent to any of the prime functions of Patrol & Transport.

Patrol Boat or Law Enforcement boat

Coast Guard Boat

Rescue boat

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Coast Guard / NAVY Boats

Ocean Craft Marine’s (OCM’s) Coast Guard Patrol Boats are configured for the special mission profiles of homeland security, harbor patrols, harbor defense, maritime law enforcement patrols, marine environmental protection and search and rescue operations. They are built to meet and exceed all requirements.

CoastGuard Boats Coast-Guard RHIB

OCM’s Navy boats are similarly constructed to the most complex specifications for the specific mission requirements. The OCM Navy Fast Patrol Vessels are designed to provide maximum mission-range, crew comfort and on station patrol endurance.

Our Navy & Coast-Guard RHIB boats can be configured for both shore-based and ship-board operations. The latter having both stern-notch launch/recovery capabilities and multiple davit lifting point arrangements.

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