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Navy RHIB Boat 8 mThe Navy Boats are light weight, exceptional speed, high-buoyancy, extreme-weather craft with the main function of insertion/extraction of Navy officers and a secondary function of marine interdiction operations.

Navy Officers depend on Navy Boat for maritime insertion and extraction on time, on target, worldwide.

Navy Rib boats are constructed of GRP with an inflatable foam tube. They operate day and night in extreme weather and sea states.

Navy Rib Boats are equipped with state-of-the-art navigation, communications, engineering and weapons systems.

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ASIS Navy RIB Boats on their way to ASIA

ASIS Boats has just shipped the first batch of 10M Navy RIBs to East Asia.

With this supply ASIS continues to prove the reliability, longevity and robustness of its products; as this MOD contract falls under a third governmental institution in the same country, where ASIS repeatedly supplied to 2 different departments under the MOI.

The supplied GRP RIBs feature our unique Air Hull®, enabling the boat to make high speed tactical turns and withstand the roughest sea conditions.

Navy BoatsCustomizing the RIB as per their needs, these Navy Boats are fitted with a replaceable flat foam push bow, allowing the boarding, and coming alongside other vessel to be done safely and easily.

Triple fenders are fitted all around the hypalon tube of dark grey color for extra protection.



Navy RIB BoatsThese Navy Boats are certified to carry 15 passengers offshore and fitted with 12 seats, where pilot and co-pilot are seated on ullman biscaya suspension seats adjustable on a rail track system and removable along with the officers’ seats.

A stainless steel black powder coated engine guard rail is installed to protect the twin mercury outboards.

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ASIS Boats delivery to Kenyan Navy

Dubai, UAE- ASIS Boats was delighted to host a delegation from the Kenyan navy in Dubai last month, to take delivery of their new Military 8.0m Navy RIB Boats with Cabin.

The 8.0m Navy Boats are fully customized as per the Kenyan navy requirements. It seats 8 persons shaded in a purpose made wheelhouse with a toilet cabinet at bow. This is a multi-mission boat for harbor patrol, natural resource enforcement, high-speed vessel interception, High Value Asset (HVA) force protection and riverine & coastal security operations.

Equipped with full electronics and Navigational equipments such as Radar, GPS, VHF, Siren and Whelen Police lights; the boats are perfect for long trips and with the toilet integration, it doesn’t have to operate by the shore, specially that they are certified under category “B” offshore.

Navy Boats Navy RIB Boats with Cabin

These high performance military grade RIBs are powered by twin mercury Verado 200Hp outboard engines, reaching a speed of 47 Knots easily and possesses a remarkable stability & maneuverability.

These 8m Navy Boats are military-grade rigid inflatable boats (RIB) with a deep-v hull for maximum stability and non-skid deck.The full wheelhouse version of the Navy RIB Boat 8 m is capable of staying out at sea in the worst of weather whilst keeping the crew dry and comfortable. Even when the wheelhouse is omitted, a very dry ride can still enjoyed, thanks to the patented reverse chin hull design.

The speed and maneuverability of the RIBs 8.0 will allow the Kenyan navy to intercept every suspicious boat in the Kenyan waters.

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