Riverine Boat

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Riverine Boat

The Riverine Boat is a semi-rigid armed and reinforced patrol boat used to keep control of rivers and inland waterways.

Riverine Boat Riverine Rib Boat

The main function of the Riverine RIB boat is to provide tactical agility and a weapons platform for any struggle that might occur in littoral and riverine environments.

The boat’s secondary function includes command and control, logistic/ transport/ supply, counter-drug operations, philanthropic support, pacification, and noncombatant evacuation operations.

The Riverine boat is designed for the arduous shoal draft river environment. Responsive, fast and easily maneuverable the Riverine Boats are known for their capabilities to operate in coastal and shallow water environments.

Riverine Rib Riverine Rib

The Military RIB Boats are manufactured for critical missions where robust reliability and high-performance are absolutely crucial. Military boats are severely over-built for extreme endurance and exceptional operation in all possible environment. RIBs can be fitted with either pneumatic or foam-filled Hypalon fabric tube-sets.

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