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Special Operations Boats

ASIS Boats produces a diverse range of equipment and accessories that is available for the build of your fully customized Special Operations boat.

Special Ops BoatSpecial Operations RHIB

ASIS Special Operations Rigid Inflatable Boats are primarily used to carry Special Operations Forces into and out of operations where the threats are considered medium. Utilizing our in-house, technical and design team specialist, the Special Operations rigid inflatable boats are carefully researched and designed to produce exceptional on the water performance combined with outstanding handling, stability and safety.

Built tough to endure and perform in all circumstances, these highly maneuverable vessels capable of high speed in close proximity to other vessels as well as open ocean speeds of up to 55 Knots can be configured for a number of mission operations; they can also support limited coast patrol and interception of enemy activities.

Special Ops RIB Boat Special Operations RIB

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Military Rigid Inflatable Boat

A Rigid Inflatable Boat has many unique handling and performance characteristics, which make it the craft-of-choice for many varied mission profiles. Compared to a standard, hard- sided boat of the same length and power, a Rigid Inflatable Boat is generally lighter in weight and has a lower center-of-gravity

Military Grade Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats (RHIBs) are designed and built for the demanding needs of today’s military mariners. Mission survivability and mission success are the bedrock principles that guide our team in constructing boats to exceed the most demanding needs of today’s military fighters.

Military Rigid Inflatable Boat

Military boats

Military Rigid Inflatable Boats are manufactured for critical missions where robust reliability and high-performance are absolutely crucial.

Rigid Inflatable Boats when well maintained seem to last forever. Military boats are also popular with collectors who hold onto these types of boats for years.

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